„Wa”- Japanese and „Gyu”-cow these two words make the name of the beef originating in Japan. It surely is one of the most delicious and decadent pleasures that world of meat has to offer. Exceptional flavour of Wagyu is a result of special treatment of Japanese cattle.

Regular practices include daily massage with oil to improve the distribution and softness of the sub-cutaneous fat and feeding beer and other special foods to stimulate the appetite. These are just a few ways to assure the most exquisite delicate texture, tenderness and flavour of the meat that makes it stand out. The difference is rather significant and it is due to differences in fatty acid composition in different kind of beef. Wagyu is full of the most flavoursome amino acids including glutamic acid of meat containing inosine i.e. acid that causes the sense of savouriness and also important component of flavour - oleic acid ( also present in large amounts in olive oil)

Beef cattle raised in Japan has an incredible ability to accumulate fat which in turn gives the beef that unusual marbling. Marbling receives Beef Marbling Score (BMS) on a scale 0-12 based on amount of marbling but also firmness, colour or melting point of the fat among others are important characteristics of BMS grading system. Japanese standards largely differ from those of other countries and being followed to the letter so religiously that some consider it almost fanatic but that is where the secret of the unmatched Wagyu quality lies.

Wagyu similar to diamonds is classified according to quality grade which is represented on a scale 1-5 :

1 - poor ( 1-5 BMS)
2 - below average ( 6-7 BMS)
3 - average ( 8-9 BMS)
4 - good ( 9-10 BMS)
5 - excellent (10 -11 BMS)

You may also see some cuts referred to as Japanese Wagyu A5 and that is the highest possible grade that Wagyu beef can achieve. It is reserved for cattle who are fed the best foods and have received nothing but exceptional care during their raising. The “A” specifically refers to the yield grade that shows the cutability of the Wagyu cut, with a higher yield of quality meat. Grade A is given to cuts with a 72% or higher percentage yield, while B and C grades are for lower percentages.

In Prologue quality is what matters the most that is why as long as it is available with our distributors in our restaurant you can try Wagyu A4 and A5 Grade,

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