Little Sneak Peek of our history

The making of Prologue


Our young, energetic and very talented team is led by charismatic head chef and skilled leader Wojciech Korfel who gained his knowledge and experience at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants. Ambitious people travel from all over Poland and often from outside the country, to be a part of our exceptional team, gain new skills and learn to truly live up to their potential.


Professional approach to cooking and running the kitchen makes Prologue an exceptional destination on the map of Poland. Passion, integrity and loyalty are virtues we proudly represent as well as expect from all team members. Thanks to inspiring work of head chef Wojciech couple of young talents already emerged over the past 12 months and were recently appointed Sous Chef positions: Sebastian Ossowski and Łukasz Mierzejewski



Ewa Woronowska together with her team of hospitable and friendly waiters ensures top quality service is delivered to our guests at all times and communication between kitchen and front of house perfectly clear. Having previously worked at The Fat Duck, Noma and 108 in Copenhagen she represents a wealth of experience garnered at some of the most iconic restaurants. In Prologue she puts it to work setting the new highs for our standards of customer service.


Constant need to grow and improve while cooking with best quality and always fresh ingredients is what keeps us going in Prologue. We want our food to be minimalistic and simple in form with exceptional flavours to match. Often it is the simplest looking dishes that require greatest care, longest preparation time and most undivided attention. We deeply care about quality of our products therefore we make our choices very carefully always having in mind that they will determine final flavour of our dishes. Our goal is to create fresh delicious food that is inspired but most of all we want to give you real honest, quality food which is affordable.

„…Consistency is the most important”


Sourdough is our healthy and nutritious bread which is shaped by hand and baked in house daily. It is made based on natural sourdough fermentation that requires a lot of time and patience but it is absolutely crucial to the process of breaking down gluten and carbohydrates and that makes it much easier to digest and absorb. It also helps to release healthy minerals from the grains. We also bake delicious rye bread because many guests favour this particular kind.

Bread was always at the very core of human diet but recently some researchers are trying to tell us all how unhealthy and bad it is for us. We strongly disagree knowing that it is just a simple mixture of flour and water with just a pinch of salt. Thanks to the natural sourdough fermentation gluten becomes much easier to digest and bread becomes again healthy addition to our daily meals.

„Sourdough is our healthy and nutritious bread which is shaped by hand and baked in house daily.”


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